TSC item # 4500028
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HELP US !!!              PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING.              HELP US !!!

If you call or go into your local TSC store and ask for Mighty Boss Cleaner/Degreaser 
and the person you ask doesn't seen to know about this product, then please give then the stock 
code for Mighty Boss, (4500028).

Tractor Supply stores are customer friendly, so if they are out, ask to see the store manager. 
Give them the TSC item number (4500028) and ask them to please check stock in their computer.

The reason we ask you to do this is simple. As with any store, TSC has many thousands of
items and sometimes the inventory can get a little off and if the inventory is off on Mighty Boss 
by just one bottle, that may mean there wont be any sent to the store until the error is corrected.

So the conclusion is this, if they show zero in their computer, then everything is fine and
they should get more product on their next truck.

But please let them know have much you love Mighty Boss, and then ask them when you should check back.

Thank you everyone.