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I have been working to restore an old house owned by a "hoarder". It is a daunting job! I just wanted to rave about your degreaser/cleaner. Mighty Boss is the best cleaner I have ever used. It cleans almost anything that other cleaners barely touch. You have turned my "nightmare" into an "adventure". I see no reason to buy any other cleaner ever again. God bless you!!

Joan S

Milton, FL


I recently had a man knock on my door at my home and offer to wash my home.  I have brick and vinyl siding on the second floor.  I asked him if he had his pressure washer with him and he told me he doesn't use one but washes houses with car wash brushes and Mighty Boss.  I had never heard of Mighty Boss and was a little skeptical but I asked him for a price anyway.   His price was about what I had paid previously for a pressure wash job so I told him to go ahead and do it.

I watched him spray on the Mighty Boss and I was amazed at the power of it!!  When he finished the job my 28 year old house looked brand new again. 

I then decided I needed some of that Mighty Boss.  I looked everywhere for it and finally found it at a plumbing supply about 50 miles from my home so I bought 4 gallons.  I showed it to my nephew and he liked it so much I had to give him a gallon.  I am going to quit showing it to all of my friends because I always have to give them a gallon and I am now down to only one gallon.  Just kidding about that.  I just Love this Mighty Boss.

I used it to clean my Corvette (brake dust) and it made it look brand new again too.  I just wish I could go to my local hardware or Lowes to purchase it!!  I guess it is ok because I like it so much I will make that 50 mile drive for more of it anytime.

Thanks for such a great product.

Andy B

Chesapeake, Ohio



I can’t tell you how happy I have been with this product. Mighty Boss works on everything. I used to use Grease Lightning and swore it was the best. That was before I tried Might Boss.

I was so impressed with how well it worked that I purchased many bottles to pass out to my family members. They too love the product.  I just wanted you to know how great I think it is.

Thank you,


Beavercreek OH



First I want to tell you what a fantastic product you have in Mighty Boss. I have a camper which always develops black streaks that are almost impossible to remove with anything even the product recommended from the local RV Store. I was in a Tractor Supply Store in Oswego NY 13126 and saw mighty boss on the shelf. I purchased a bottle just to try and I was amazed when the black streaks came right off with minimal rubbing. I have been using it ever since and use it on everything except the items you caution about not using it on.

Mr. Lucas



Caution: This customer used Mighty Boss to clean their kitchen cabinets which were covered in years of cooking grease. As he did, first test an inconspicuous spot before cleaning a wood finish.

This Stuff Is beyond Belief!

I had purchased two bottles from a local independent hardware store the clerk told me this was the best stuff for what I needed, I had recently purchased in 1986 manufactured home a.k.a. "Trailer" as we call them in Kentucky anyway. The people that had previously occupied the home thought it best to plug up the stove vent, they were the original owners of the home. So needless to say the kitchen cabinets were covered in cooking grease, I originally thought they were walnut they were so dark. I was concerned about removing the imitation wood grain behind the cabinets but a cleaning solution such as 409 wasn't strong enough and the cleaner that used to be my favorite before I found yours, Simple Green, didn't cut it, literally didn't cut it. So I tested your product in a inconspicuous area and low and behold it magically started dripping away the grease leaving the imitation wood paneling completely intact! I was surprised to find out that I only needed one mighty boss 16 fluid ounce bottle for all the cabinetry and when I was done using the high-quality bottle and sprayer I filled it up with water and it made a excellent streak free window cleaner, I have since used the other bottle on countless cleaning projects........

Patrick a very satisfied customer! Sand gap Kentucky



I have a small garage door company. Sometimes there are marks on the inside vinyl panels that are hard to remove without damaging the surface. I saw your product at a good price so I tried it. WOW!!!! Not only did it not damage the vinyl backing, but before I could wipe it off, the marks were gone! AMAZING!!! Everything I have now used it on is great!! It even removed

Brake dust off my wheels!!!!! Nothing else did , even harsh chemicals!!!

Thank you sooo much for such a GREAT product!!


Crossville TN

May the Lord Jesus Christ be Glorified forever


  • Recently we were camping at a nearby campground and the people camping
  • next to us proceeded to show us a great cleaning product….It worked great
  • on the streaks on their travel trailer.....If you have a site on the Internet, please
  • let me know because I have not been able to locate it.
  • Greg & Debbie Greencastle, PA 17225
  • Could you please provide me with the name, address and telephone number of 
  • a Mighty Boss distributor in or closest to Asheville, NC. Your product is fabulous
  • and I rely heavily on Mighty Boss to clean my camper… I'm desperate!!!
      Thank you,
  • Janet
  • Asheville, NC 28806
  • Someone gave my husband a sample of your product & lucky for me your web
  • site was on it. I added ¼ cup to wash his work clothes (he's a welder and works
  • in a machine shop where he gets filthy) Not only did it clean his jeans and shirts
  • better than anything I've tried, the INSIDE OF MY WASHING MACHINE has not
  • been so clean since I bought it 20 years ago. It's WONDERFUL. Of course my
  • husband uses it for other purposes. I want to know if I can purchase a case of
  • Mighty Boss from you at your location 525 South College Street? If so, how
  • much is a case of the 1 gallon containers....?
  • Thanks
  • Estill Springs, TN
  • Dear Sir or Ma'am,
  • I was introduced to your product by my mother last year.   I live in NC and my
  • mother lives in SC. She bought your product at White Jones ………..I, however,
  • have been using my gallon very sparingly. This is an amazing product in the fight
  • against dirt and grime. I love using mine for stains in clothing but have used it
  • for other purposes also. Please tell me how we can re-order this wonder
  • product………… the future.   
  • Sincerely Michele
  • Well, my husband and I ……… found Mighty Boss at Contractors Supply. You
  • should have seen our faces, it was like Christmas morning. We were so excited
  • to find it. Contractors Supply is only a 20 minute drive. We would have drove an
  • hour away for your product. We purchased 5 gallons and will be back for more.
  • Thank you                                           
  • Michele
  • We were given "Mighty Boss" to try at a softball tournament this summer and
      love it. How do I order it? on-line??  
  • Thanks                                              
  • Paula
  • How do I get your product?  I was recently at a motor cross race where I
  • encountered your product.  It made my bike shine like new after riding in clay
  • for hours.  Amazing!!!!!  Could you please send info on where to purchase
  • Mighty Boss……You guys should promote this stuff in the automotive industry.  I
  • was trying to locate it at several auto part stores and there comment was "We
  • don't have anything with a cleaning strength like that."
  • Thanks                                             
  • Robby
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