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“Let us pray”


Well…I’ll think about it…maybe?


This is pretty much the prevailing attitude among the Christian community.

We find it easy to sit in Church for an hour, listening to singing and preaching but the idea of spending the same hour, talking to God, well that just to much to ask. In fact, we want something, talking in our ears, every wakening hour of the day and can’t bear the thought, of a quite time, where we can hear from God.

We have * Wednesday night prayer meetings, which have little to do with prayer and are more of a Bible study. And of course, the study of Gods Word (The Bible), is critical to the believer but so is entering into the presents of God, through prayer.

In the same way, that the Church gathers to hear the preaching of Gods Word, together, as a group, we need to spend, meaningful time with God, in prayer, together, as a group. I believe this missing element has been and will continue to be detrimental to the Body of Christ (The Church). And worst still, if we are this resistant to meaningful prayer, when we gather as a group, we are probably this resistant, when we are at home alone. The Body, after all, is merely a reflection of the individual parts.

Through study and preaching, we learn about God but through prayer, we have fellowship with God.

And dare I say, earnest, meaningful, consistent prayer, moves God to grant repentance to the lost and saving faith in Christ Jesus, through his Holy Spirit. That includes the lost of your husbands and wife’s, your sons and daughters, your moms and dads, your brothers and sisters, your friends and neighbors, your local, state and federal politicians and judges.

 Prayer can take a nation, that is descending into darkness and cause the Sun to shine brightly once again.

The problem is our concept of prayer. We think sufficient prayer is spending 3 to 5 minutes asking God for something, whether it’s for ourselves, or for someone else. These prayers are often, what I call, off the shelf prayers. They sound the same, not very earnest in nature and much of the time very shallow.

Whether you stand, sit or fall on your face in prayer, is something I think, makes very little differents and in fact may change from day to day, depending on what’s on your heart. In the Bible you will find all three mentioned. Most of the time I sit but I have at times fell on my face.

What I find in prayer, is a time to ask and give thanks but also meditate upon, the things of God. To ask questions about his Word and about things that are happening in the world. And all though I’ve never heard God speak to me in an audible voice, I find that he reveals things to me in prayer, through his written word, that I’ve hidden in my heart and by giving me understanding, as well as insight.

If you will devote at least 60 minutes a day to prayer and also read your Bible, you will find yourself becoming even more mindful, of those things, which pertain to a Holy God. And you will began to grow spiritually, in ways that you may not currently understand. And you will find that the things of this world, things you once loved, will slowly loose some, if not all of their luster and appeal.


LUKE 6         (Speaking of Jesus)


12. And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.


Let us pray?


* If you still use the phrase, Wednesday night prayer meeting but don’t actually have a prayer meeting, do you every wonder, why say it at all? I believe there are many things of the past that we still have in name only but not the action, it having been long forgotten.


Tony Alexander

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