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                     The Christian Politician


What we need is not another politician with another plan for fixing America. At least not one who has the same ideas, not one who thinks that government is the product of mankind and there by is only subject to the thoughts and wishes of “the people”.

Government is the plan of all mighty GOD for man to have order, by protecting the people from foreign governments, enforcing laws and yes, many of the laws of this nation have come straight from the word of GOD.

There is not now nor has there ever in the past existed a nation that has come to power apart from the will of GOD. And our United States of America is no exception. GOD has always had a plan and purpose for a nation even if we don’t know the plan.

This nation was formed by men who believed the Bible is Gods holy word. In fact if you look at the documents and symbols of our States, you will find that references to GOD and CHRIST are everywhere.

Clearly showing that the framers of the constitution never intended for it to be interrupted in a way that courts of resent years have done.

Furthermore their interpretations clearly show that the courts are out of touch with the history and beliefs of this nation.

To try and interpret the constitution separately from the foundation which the Bible provides or to try and say that the Bible was not the foundation of our nation’s laws is ignorant at best, dishonest at worst.   

The USA has been unique in the way our leaders come into power. Not with armies or by birth but at the ballet box.

The Christians who are a part of this nation, a nation that has been ordained by all mighty GOD, have been told a lie, that we can not mix our belief in the word of GOD and politics.

While the very same ones who would have us to be silent, push there ungodly agenda on us all.

This Nation will either be lead by the GOD of heaven or by the god of this world, also known as the devil.

Let us be frank about the matter, there is an agenda of the devil. And when they say that men marrying men is fine and murdering unborn babies is ok because our courts have said that they don’t count as people, is this not of the devil. People laugh at the thoughts of a devil. But Jesus did not laugh at the devil. When the devil tried to deceive Jesus as he did Eve, Jesus spoke the word of GOD to the devil until he had to flee.

We cannot reason with people who are intent on turning this nation into a den of every evil imagination. But we can stand up and take this nation back at the ballet box by voting in November.

Don’t believe the devils lie when he says the church has no place in politics. If the church has no place in the running of the very nation GOD has given us then who does? Do Gods people believe that the devil should do as he pleases? And what do we say to our children when they have to suffer for our doing nothing and we knowing that it was once in our power to change the world for Christ but we gave our rights to the devil.

The framers of the constitution believed that GOD would be a part of government. As has already been shown, just look at the words and symbols of GOD on governmental buildings.

In fact, the only negative thing the constitution says about religion and government is that the government shall not form a state church nor shall the government make any laws that hinder the free exercise of Gods word.   

We can have an effect on this nation by doing the things I believe GOD has given us the power to do, like speaking the truth and voting.

Come let us reason together. If you agree that GOD is responsible for the USA being a nation and that he formed it with men who believed the Bible, what do you think GOD would have you to do?

Don’t be afraid to speak the word of GOD, it is this nation and our children’s only hope.

The Bible says that if we walk in his power, we can push forward. He did not say it would be easy or quick but that we would push forward.

This is Gods world, not the devils and this is a Christian nation if Christian people will take it back at the ballet box by voting.



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Tony Alexander   




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